Trying to find my spot in writing.

This is the post excerpt.


I am not a good writer but i am hoping to be one because i have a lot to share. I just do not know whether it good stories, quotes, life journey story, that might interest someone. But whether i am writing about something that means nothing to someone but to me means a lot . That it is why i am going to enjoy writing, let my feelings out and maybe just maybe my stories, quotes will help someone or heal someone else wounds. I am not sure what to focus on, but i would like to write about everything, anything that interests me. If i have something to share i am going to do that. Where the sun set its when some place starts to rise.

Happy blogging my friends!


Forgive yourself

Constantly forgive yourself so you don’t walk around with any burden or regrets. When you dont forgive yourself, u start to develop negative thoughts about yourself, the confidence of doing something positive start to fade away because all you can think about its the regret of your mistakes. The most important part of your growth and transformation is being kind to yourself and letting go of the things that you can’t change.

In order to receive your benediction you don’t need to rush on a pedestal and look at everyone else as non valuable. Be a team player, be a generous soul. You will not get there alone, you need to belong to a good tribe and make healthy contribution. . Make peace with yourself.

Happy New year

Good morning and happy new year Bloggers. Wish you to overcome every challenges this new year and climb the ladder of success. Have a successful new year ahead.

May God continue to bless you this year. Grace!

Happy New years eve, and Happy New year in advance

I have so much to say, 2018 has been an amazing year and i feel sad that today we say goodbye to this fruitful year i had. Thing were not looking good at first but every journey with the lord is the best.

I had an amazing year, i got an opportunity to do my Btech in Public Relations Management at Vaal University of Technology. It was not an easy task, i overcome lots of challenges and i am happy to say i outdid myself. I passed my research and i am so glad i got an opportunity to do it.

And near the end of the year I found out that am expecting a blessing from God, I am going to be a mother, and that made my year shine so bright. Knowing that I am on a journey of experiencing wonders and the idea of knowing that a human being is growing inside of me, makes me smile and appreciate more and more of life each day.

After receiving that, I got a job interview, and I have a job that is waiting for me when we enter 2019 which is tomorrow, am so excited, my heart is filled with joy. 2018 was one of the good years for me. And I am so excited that those Challanges that I have faced has build me to be the beautiful and amazing women that I continue to be. I thank God for everything thing, Goodbye 2018 and i welcome 2019 with open arms. Grace.

I am Claiming 2019 as a Great Year.

It is time for new beginnings. So much is clearing out of your life. New energy is entering. You might be experiencing a lot of mental, physical, and spiritual transformations that’s unlocking new levels within yourself. Be patient and prioritize self-care and self-love right now.

“So you must take time to rest and recover. You don’t always have to be so busy or pushing yourself so hard. Step back and take care of yourself. Those moments of self-care will add value, energy, purpose, and creativity to everything you do. Find a healthy balance and enjoy your life.” Idil Ahmed

Change the words you use to describe yourself. Let each word you speak amplify your potential. The more you think and speak of yourself in a positive way, the more you begin to open up all the possibilities of the universe that are waiting to bless you for loving who you are.

I’m already claiming 2019 as a great year; mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. I know great things will align for me.

I smile

  1. Today is the new day, where are my blue sky, where is the love and the joy you promised me, today is a new day but there is no sunshine, nothing bit clouds and its dark in my heart, and it feels like a coldnight, its not easy but today its a new day. The holly ghost power fell from heaven like a shower now and i smile by Kirk Franklin.

Today i woke up and i was playing this song and i realise that even though this past few months has been hard for me, nothing seems to be going the way i wanted. The truth is, its hard and i have been dealing with alot of this. I felt like i am being pulled from both directions.

Its very hard to look up when you are down. I just listen to this song by Kirk Franklin and to be honest it took me to places. Truly we do look much better when we pray and when we smile. Sometimes we get consumed easly by the problem that we are facing, because sometimes it seems like there is nothing left. Today i chose to smile even though i have nothing much to smile about. The mighty God sees you/me, he always has plans planned for me/you.

Everything happen for a reason and i would like to believe that it is for the right reason. GOD NEVER DISAPPOINT. We just have to be patient, because i see his mercy everyday.

Praise the lord, oh my soul.

Today i chose to smile because God has never forsaken me.

Sometimes happiness comes from letting go

For the past 3 years of my life i was putting you first, you use to mean everything to me, i even put your happiness first before mine. I thought that was love, to show you how much you are appreciate but i was wrong, all i was doing, i was just hurting myself. It’s funny because i never see it that way to me, to me it was love and to you, you were just taking advantage of my innocent, my love, it hurt to think about it.

Yeah, i wont denied it, at first you did all the good things, i felt i met my soul mate but even with that i was wrong. I loved you, i cared for you but u never showed me that. It hurts, or let me say it use to hurt alot. Asking for affection, who asked to be kissed, qho askes to be told that i love you from the person you are in relationship, i did ask u.

Deep down i cried wondering what have i ever do wrong to deserve this. Sometime i ask myself was i a fool that i forgive everytime even though it was not my fault. I loved you, believe that, but tears made me wonder if this is what love and happiness felt like, and i decide to let you go. It hurt believe me but i had to do it for my sake because i was drowning and all i did was trying to be the best i can. Still, you never see me, i was just a girlfriend that u used when ever you want. I know it took me too long to realise that it was just me alone in this relationship.

Get this i am happy, more than happy. I know i haven’t met my soulmate yet nor the love of my life. Anyway i have faith that i will because it doesn’t matter how old i wil be or how long one must wait, sometimes love comes without expectating it. So i have learnt alot from you and i have grown in such a way that i know how to distinguish btwn good and bad love. I have fine without you, i have moved on like you never existed i have found inner peace within myself. And i have learnt to put myself happiness before anyone else. I am in a good space. My God is leading the way and i am following.