Trying to find my spot in writing.

I am not a good writer but i am hoping to be one because i have a lot to share. I just do not know whether it good stories, quotes, life journey story, that might interest someone. But whether i am writing about something that means nothing to someone but to me means a lot . That it is why i am going to enjoy writing, let my feelings out and maybe just maybe my stories, quotes will help someone or heal someone else wounds. I am not sure what to focus on, but i would like to write about everything, anything that interests me. If i have something to share i am going to do that. Where the sun set its when some place starts to rise.

Happy blogging my friends!


Motherhood changed me

πŸ˜…πŸ˜€ I never thought I can be a mother nor enjoy the experience of being a mother, Being a mother comes with lots of responsibilities and in my life I was not ready for any of them.

One thing I did not take it to heart, is that God plans everything in ones life even though somehow in life things turn out different unexpected, which I called the unexpectedly lessons to be learned before one reaches their destination. God works in mysterious way indeed, here I am today a mother of a 2year old daughter, Her name is Orendwaho Adivhaho Rasalanavho, my baby came into world when I was not expecting it, I remember the first moment holding her in my arms and I was like God she is perfect. All kinds of emotions were there , I remember the moment I started feeling very dizzy and I was scared I would drop her down so I ask one of the sister nurses to assist me but she told her metron that I told her I don’t need my baby, God knows the dizziness vanish into thin air the moment I hear her lying saying words I never said, anyway long story short God know how happy I was, still am to hold her and learn how to breast feed her.

My journey to motherhood was indeed glorious but at the same time came with lots of challenge: for instance be a newly mother to her without being financial stable both i and her father, it was not what I have planned (indeed God can make impossible situation turn to possible). It was hard to go by but I appreciate and love the fact that both my family and her fathers family helped us alot even though deep down I so wish to go shopping and buy only one thing from my pocket, one of the good days I finally did even though was still struggling financially, as they say only the thoughts that count.


I trust what’s unfolding for me is greater than what I can imagine right now. I will remain patient, motivated, inspired, and hopeful about everything through out this year. Each and every year is my year, God has plan each and everyday accordingly. Today is not the same as yesterday and I voew to always be hopeful for the following day as I can only have guarantee about what happen yesterday but what is about to unfold tomorrow no one knows except God that I know for sure.

Happy 2021 to all of you. Wish you all the best

Happy 2021

Happy 2021 to you all. I wish you all the happiness, joy and New opportunities that you may encounter, I hope 2021 treat you well. May God almighty protect you until we truly deal with Covid-19. May he be your guide when you lost your way, may he help you solve your life problems that 2021 may bring. By God grace we are Save!

Love Rose 🌹

Farewell to 2020

What a year.

As 2020 draws to an end, I understand that we are all happy to see it go and would like for 2021 to be a year where we can hug our family and drink our drinks in peace. I would like to challenge us all to work on our own prosperity.

In 2021 can we busy ourselves with our personal growth.

Busy ourselves with what matters to us and what makes us happy.

Busy ourselves with good and positive behaviours.

Busy ourselves with allowing the light inside to shine.

Let it shine and be happy.

Happy new year, may it be filled with prosperity, blessings and lots of love.


Expressing your appreciation for a loved one, friend, mentor or siblings, sometimes a stranger it is a important gesture of gratitude, especially for those who have played a huge role into your life or helped you in times of need. A simple thank you will do a trick. A gift, with a written message that shows your sentiment can go a long way when you’re looking for the perfect way to say β€œI Appreciate You


God gives and God takes. A life was given and life has been taken. You can wake up breathing and before sun set you can be no more. Time is a precious thing that cannot be wasted as times wasted can not be return back.

Life is too short, we do not have much times, it is very little. It does not matter how many years you have lived, rejoice in this world because when it’s time it is time. And no one can do anything about it that is why I said we do not have much time and we have so much that we still wanna do. So many dreams that we wanna fulfil but time is no longer in our side.

Time flies as if nothing is happening. Yesterday we were celebrating the new year’s and resolution today we are left with few weeks to bid goodbye to 2020. Time has come and time has gone.

Today it a very sad day because the time has arrived and life was taken. God they say your time is perfect and I would never wanna question that but when life is taken it feel as if it is not yet time but only you are able to use your time in a perfect way.

They say with time heals, or better yet with time things will work out. But I feel as if time has taken so much for me and time won’t bring back the life of our loved ones even if it was time to departure from this world.

May your soul rest well in peace. You will forever be in our lives. Our memories will keep us afloat forever.

I celebrate me

Today of all days in a year, of all the months in a year, August had to be my month and date was and is 12, I say Happy birthday Rosie. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to add a new chapter in this journey called life. Thank you Lord for your protection since you knew and know who I was, I am from day one. I appreciate your love, your faithful towards me, your guidance, kindness, unconditional love that you possess towards my entire life.

Today I celebrate myself, for being me, for being a wonderful daughter to my mom, being a lovely sister to my siblings and to be a proud mother to my Daughter πŸ‘Œ for that and many more greatful thing that happen into my life and many more to come. Lord has never disappointed me and I will always be grateful.

Today we celebrate my birthday, womb escape people, my appearance into this universe, I celebrate my existence and many more beautiful things that are occurring into my life.

Today is my day, the day that I believe God chose for me. Happy many more years to me. May God continue to bless me abundantly. May I enter this new chapter to receive what my heart desires. May I fulfil all the things that are ment to be fulfilled by me. HAPPY Joyful birthday πŸŽ‚ to Me. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŒΉπŸ«πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Happy women’s day

Happy women’s day to all the women out there. I say to you all, I salute you.They said you will never know how powerful a women is until you notice her strength, as you will never know how strong a tea beg is until it dissolved in a hot water.Women are amazing, they are the pillar of most people strength. They deal with so many struggle of life and they conquer, women are survivers.

I am happy to be a women, because I got a chance to experience lots of things. For example being a mother, to carry a whole human for nine full months, I am blessed, to be given an opportunity to nurture and love someone wholeheartedly as a mother

Happy women’s day to all the beautiful women of this universe, every one has a story to tell, just that the story might be different from yours, but at those stories there is a strong message that build you to be a women you fought to be today.

Women of this nation they are extraordinary, they are amazing, they are successful and they empower one another.HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY 😍

Hello August

Hello August, my month of birth. A month that symbolise women day. A month of women and my month.

In all the 12 months of the year in a calender my favourite one is August, not only is my birth month but many South Africa women celebrate this day, as a tribute to more than 20 000 women who marched to Union Buildings in 1956 on the 9 August. The Women’s March was a spectacular success.

I welcome you with open arms. I hope you bring the best and we enjoy this month, because I am truly looking forward to what August brings.