The promises of God DO NOT expire.

It is important for you to know that God has not forsaken you, He has not forgotten you, and He has not lied to you. If He said it, He WILL do it! And though you might not understand the HOW, you do know the WHO, and that is where you can anchor your hope.  The promises of God DO NOT expire. Actually, the period between the promise and the realization of the promise can be the place where God is doing His best work in us. Even now, God is preparing you for what He has prepared for you.


Yourself needs you.

Be kind to yourself.
Be in love with yourself.
Be supportive to yourself.
Make time for yourself.
Protect yourself from negativity
Be great to yourself.
Be gentle with yourself.
Be awesome to yourself
Be there for yourself cos
Yourself needs You.

12 April 2019, Second graduation.

Today is different, this day is not as yesterday, as for today, this day was bless, and it is full of unbelievable joy in my heart. At one point i thought it will never arrive. When i was young, in mature i thought one graduation is enough, but honestly now i see i was deceiving my self. As this is my second graduation, my second belt, my blue gown, god knows how long i have been praying for this day to come.

I am so excited and somehow i cant express how much joy. Education is something so important to me. I know sometime people get educated and never get the job they studied for, but to me its different, i love to be educated, not only for my joy and pride aslo to see how is fills the void in my mother happiness.

I am so grateful for every qualification i have and more to come.

My Public Relations elations B-tech degree.

Ri kana zwe ra zwala. Aa!

Forgive yourself

Constantly forgive yourself so you don’t walk around with any burden or regrets. When you dont forgive yourself, u start to develop negative thoughts about yourself, the confidence of doing something positive start to fade away because all you can think about its the regret of your mistakes. The most important part of your growth and transformation is being kind to yourself and letting go of the things that you can’t change.

In order to receive your benediction you don’t need to rush on a pedestal and look at everyone else as non valuable. Be a team player, be a generous soul. You will not get there alone, you need to belong to a good tribe and make healthy contribution. . Make peace with yourself.

Happy New years eve, and Happy New year in advance

I have so much to say, 2018 has been an amazing year and i feel sad that today we say goodbye to this fruitful year i had. Thing were not looking good at first but every journey with the lord is the best.

I had an amazing year, i got an opportunity to do my Btech in Public Relations Management at Vaal University of Technology. It was not an easy task, i overcome lots of challenges and i am happy to say i outdid myself. I passed my research and i am so glad i got an opportunity to do it.

And near the end of the year I found out that am expecting a blessing from God, I am going to be a mother, and that made my year shine so bright. Knowing that I am on a journey of experiencing wonders and the idea of knowing that a human being is growing inside of me, makes me smile and appreciate more and more of life each day.

After receiving that, I got a job interview, and I have a job that is waiting for me when we enter 2019 which is tomorrow, am so excited, my heart is filled with joy. 2018 was one of the good years for me. And I am so excited that those Challanges that I have faced has build me to be the beautiful and amazing women that I continue to be. I thank God for everything thing, Goodbye 2018 and i welcome 2019 with open arms. Grace.