I believe in the Lord

Seek 👀 God first,  keep Him first in your life, stay obedient to Him and His commandments,  as well as trust Who He has for you and know His timing is right on time! God takes delight in our obedience. God’s always on time and never late! Walk by faith and not by sight!  Speak it, claim it and don’t talk contrary to it! 💯🙏💓👏

Fear of being rejected

“I’d say that the feeling of being unremarkable is tied to loneliness by the fear of rejection. When I feel unremarkable I don’t have the interest nor confidence in meeting people because I feel like I have nothing to offer to them and therefore they might reject my presence, which leaves me lonely. Loneliness genuinely hurts, I don’t think it’s a masquerade. We are biologically made to be social beings. We are all attention-seekers. We all need attention to fulfill this biological necessity to be and feel present; to verify that we’re really here; that we matter; that we are remarkable in some way. 


To be honest you cant please anyone in this world everyone has their own agenda.You can try and you can try some more but, there is no pleasing people. Well at least not completely. Especially those who cannot wait to witness your downfall. There are people, more than you think, who are patiently waiting for you to stumble. They are quietly sitting at a corner watching your every move and anticipating the slightest slip. People can’t wait to see you slip or fall their are just waiting for that moment to say “what do you think you are’ better than us” . People have a tendency to smile at us while they are smiling for the opposite reason not for you to excel but for you to fail.

You have to decide to focus on you and your path. Invest your time in improving you and pleasing yourself first before anyone else. When you are content with your path, your growth and the point at which you find yourself, it is extremely hard for people to penetrate through your confidence and self-worth. No matter how many times you fall or how many times you have failed.

Invest your energy on looking ahead and finding ways to get up and keep going. Falling and failing are very natural; it is the essence of growth and improvement. You are not perfect and neither are the people so curiously honing into your life. Just focus on pleasing you and see the the result. in this life you cant go on and on pleasing other people.you deserve the best and dont let anyone makes you think otherwise.

START PLEASING YOURSELF.110690103311780150_Bs3Cp8Fr_f


you are worth it.

I dont believe in that saying that you should prove yourself how worth you are. i believe that am worth what it takes to be worth.in this universe people do so love to take advantage of other people and treat them as slave or their door mate but let me tell you my brother or sister you are worth it and you worth more than that.

LOVE YOURSELF, APPRECIATE WHO YOU ARE  because that what God made you to be.life is too short to worry about what other individuals see you. Be grateful…. dont let people get you,


Trying to find my spot in writing.

I am not a good writer but i am hoping to be one because i have a lot to share. I just do not know whether it good stories, quotes, life journey story, that might interest someone. But whether i am writing about something that means nothing to someone but to me means a lot . That it is why i am going to enjoy writing, let my feelings out and maybe just maybe my stories, quotes will help someone or heal someone else wounds. I am not sure what to focus on, but i would like to write about everything, anything that interests me. If i have something to share i am going to do that. Where the sun set its when some place starts to rise.

Happy blogging my friends!